Hey lovelies,
Missed me? Well, I kinda do miss you, just a little, lol.
I had a blog tour yesterday and guess what I came across ( ….drumroll…….), BLOGMAS CHALLENGE !!!!!.

Since I have been very lazy with writng, I figured this might be just the kind of challenge I need.

I saw it first on Josephine’s site. She is having her challenge and it’s fun. Check her out at That blogger has amazing content. You should follow her.

But what in Pluto is that? Well, it’s the blogging version of Vlogmas (a YouTuber’s Christmas series), so basically it’s the Christmas edition of your blog where you write Christmas related posts on any topic of your choice (I think I got the concept lol) on a daily basis until it’s 25th.

I am excited with just the thought of participating, so I am gonna do it. It won’t hurt, right?

2 months into blogging and I am having my first blogmas. Now c’ mon, I deserve some accolades. Whoop whoop!!!!.

Anyway, so since I am already late by 20 days, I will just do a 5-day challenge. Like, woooaawu!!!. I am literally gonna write on a daily basis for 5days.

This ain’t no joke, considering the fact that Christmas is full of activities and I didn’t plan it out. I need grace. But I am certain it’s gonna be fun.
So yeah, join me on my Blogmas Challenge.

Let’s have fun.
What topics would you like me to do a blogmas on? Let me know in the comment section.




2 Comments Add yours

    1. Afiya says:

      Hehe, ok. Which aspect of it?


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